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We get asked the question "Why burlap?" all the time. And so we thought it's important you know...

  • Burlap (also known as hessian or gunny)
    comes from the jute plant.

  • Burlap is a natural/vegetable fiber and
    is made from plant material. That plant is JUTE.

  • It is also referred to as 'The Golden Plant'
    because of its beautiful colouring and its high value.

  • It is 100% biodegradable.

  • It is recyclable!

  • It has low pesticide and fertilizer requirements,
    further protecting the environment.

  • It grows best in monsoon climates with high humidity,
    which is why it grows so well in Bengal.

  • Jute is an ancient crop and fiber. Records from
    the 16th century show us jute was worn even then.
    Archaeologists now know that jute existed
    upto 4000 years ago!

  • India is the largest producer of jute in the world!

  • It is ridiculously versatile, being used in
    a range of things from carpets to cardigans.

  • It easily absorbs and accepts natural dyes.

  • As a plant it grows rapidly, maturing in 4-6 months.

  • It is one of the plants whose mere presence
    fights deforestation due to industrialisation.

  • It is super strong and long lasting.

  • In the Middle East and in parts of India people even eat it!
    This means that no part of the jute plant goes to waste. 

  • It is without a doubt our fabric and fiber of choice
    and should be yours, for a greener world.

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