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How you can give back...


Read on, to know how.

What do you do with your burlap bag once you're done?

Fashion is a fast paced industry with new trends, colours and styles each season. We at the burlap people try to limit waste by doing the following:

  • Creating only what people need. We keep our inventory or stock to the minimum, creating bags mainly when orders come through.

  • We try and introduce a minimum of about one or two new designs per season, not flooding our clients with choices that aid unnecessary consumerism.

  • We build our bags to last, not to fall apart.

All the above said, we understand how fashion and choices work, and sometimes you see something you love or you just want a new bag. Say this happens with your burlap bag, we've created a guilt-free option for you to get something shiny and new.

If you have an existing burlap bag in decent condition, but feel you may be done with it and want a new one, you can send us your old bag to redistribute to someone in need, and we will give you 15% off on your next purchase just for doing the right thing.

Who do we plan to give it to?

Ek Prayaas.

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Our Gray Wolf Rewant sitting in on a history class at Ek Prayaas.

Ek Prayaas is an organisation that aims to provide a platform for learning for the underprivileged children of Calcutta, regardless of their religious, caste, creed or gender. It aims to build a society based on rights, honesty, equality, justice, social sensitivity and cultural awareness.

The Burlap People aims to create a longstanding relationship with Ek Prayaas, sponsor meals and education as frequently as we can & create awareness about the organisation in order to increase their crowd funding. We also try to educate the students of Ek Prayaas on sustainability, the environment and the uses of burlap.

It costs as little as INR 850 to sponsor breakfast for the kids at the Ek Prayaas school in Calcutta. 
For INR 8000 you can sponsor an entire year's education for one child. That's less than INR 700 a month.

Here's where you can take this forward. Click the button below!