The Original Burlap Duffel in Camel Tulsi

The Duffel was the first bag we created at The Burlap People, way back when we had nothing but one sewing machine and a tiny room. Why a duffel? Because it's the perfect travel bag. It fits everything you need for a weekend or a few days away from home, is easy on the shoulder, looks pretty darn neat, and rolls up to pack away easily when not in use. Though ours are always in use... just saying. When not off adventuring, it makes for a great gym bag too!

19 inches length
11 inch diameter/ height

Two outer side pockets with zips
One inner pocket with zip
One long canvas strap with leather padding

Made of vintage washed burlap.
Leather and metal trimmings.
Insides of drilled canvas.

This is a handcrafted bag and takes approximately two weeks to ship. If you require a bag faster or would like a customisation, contact us!

You can take a closer look at our colours here.


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